Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Missed the Monday Mission yesterday, but here is the Two for Tuesday:

1. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever had any kind of ghostly encounter? Yes, definitely. The apartment that I had in Kirksville was used as a morgue during the (very tiny) battle of Kirksville... so Nate (who had it before me) had told me that it might be haunted. Didn't really think so, at first, but one night, when I was laying in bed, facing the wall, trying to fall asleep, I could feel a presence behind me... nothing malevolent, mind you, just a presence. I even got the idea that it was a woman, probably a nurse of some sort, there to check on me. That same night, I also got the sense that there was someone else there, looking in the skylight... might have been two little boys, or maybe just one. Of course, I didn't roll over... didn't want to scare them away or anything!
Another night, I thought I saw something in the living room, but it might have been the reflection of headlights (the apartment was on the square, and cars drove past at all hours of the night)...
Oddly, when I lived in the house in Murphysboro, which is a fairly old one, I never felt anything at all... so it's probably not haunted... :)
I also get "shivers" every once in a while, which I have heard some people describe as the feeling you get when someone walks over your grave... the oddest one of these was when Assie, Timmy, Ian and I went to see Star Wars (Episode 2)... Assie, Timmy, and I all got a shiver at exactly the same time, as we walked through the lobby of the movie theatre... it was weird!

2. Do you like scary movies? If so, name one movie that genuinely frightened you. Nope, I've never been a scary movie fan... so most scary movies scare me, at least a little bit... there was part of "Red Dragon" where I think I screamed, and I know I jumped out of my seat... so that ought to tell you something! :)


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