Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Yes, I've been sick again... this time, at least, it's a cold, and not allergies... and I'm mostly feeling better now... still a little tired, but not too bad! :)

I'm starting on the index for volume 25 now... this means my hands are gonna be TIRED... so not a lot of typing here, most likely... and I'm gonna only do the movie thing if it's a good movie that I think everyone should see... it's into the realm of horror flicks now, and I'm not a big horror flick fan... so I haven't seen any of them... :)

Quick weekend summary:

Friday - saw "Red Dragon"... not bad at all, and a bit surprising in places... I still like "Silence of the Lambs" the best, but this one was really good... and there were some parts in it that were VERY reminiscent of "Silence," so I liked that a lot! :)

Saturday - Forgotten... Ben and Jessi came down and played, which made me very very happy! I missed them bunches! Hopefully they'll be down more often now, and maybe even bring some of the other E-ville area people (*hint hint*)... :) As for actual stuff, Dani ended up with one of D's fangs, and almost got herself killed helping to take down the 10th and 11th Sabbat Vampire that she claims as part of her "body count"... and we have 5 Sabbat in the Sabbat filing system now... w00t! :)

Sunday - watched "Babe," which is a wonderfully cute movie... tho I'm not sure I want to eat ham anymore after seeing it... :) How can you eat something that cute? :)

Monday - sat around all day playing the Sims, and being sickly... no fun!

That's all for now, more if I get a chance! :)

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