Monday, October 28, 2002

Monday Mission!

1. Ever do anything over and over just to make someone else happy but discover you actually hate it? That I can think of at the moment, no... I've seen other people do this, though...

2. What kinds of obligations do you enjoy? Things that I can do to help out my friends... my new found duties as the narrator for the Saturday game (they actually gave me stuff to do! w00t!)...

3. What are your feelings about celebrating Halloween? I love it! I dress up (or at least oddly) for work every year, and would probably go trick-or-treating if it wouldn't look absolutely ridiculous... :)

4. Are there any stories of bodily functions you would prefer people not share with you in conversation? Yeah, there was way too much talk about puking on Saturday night... that was no good... luckily Cindy shut that down quickly!

6. Ponder the thought of being forever young, living on endlessly, being immortal. What would that life be like for you? :) I could deal with that... well, as long as Gabe could be immortal too... it wouldn't be any fun otherwise!

7. What's the last thing you felt was "worth fighting for?" Getting to live my life the way I wanted to...

BONUS: Sooner or later, they all will be gone...why don't they stay young? I dunno, but as soon as I solve that problem, I'll get back to you... :)


Wow... the weekend worth of gaming was MUCHO kewl... Jack and Jubilee caused some chaos, and now Jack is part of the reformed Scions (it's a band)... then on Saturday, we killed off the old Scions... eerie, that... ;) Palla is next Friday, and Saturday will be the first time in ages that we don't have to worry about Sabbat problems... rock on! :)

That's all for now, got lots to do today!

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