Thursday, October 17, 2002

Okay, my knee is much better today, though I don't know why... I'm not going to complain, though... I hate it when my knees hurt... I'm NOT old, dammit! :)

Time for the list of things that people searched for to find my site... longer this week, though most were the usual ones...

  • "scooby-doo pictures in black and white"
  • "pizza girl story"
  • "larp home movies" - ack... yeah, we need some of these... :)
  • "net dream girl"
  • "sanguinus LARP" - heh... doubt it... at least not the Sanguinus that I talk about on here... :)
  • "Halloween Carbondale Illinois"
  • "carbondale bars"

Just a clarification... no, the Carbondale bars will not be open for Halloween this year... so don't plan on coming here for the riots, cuz we're not having any! :)

Got the next volume on my desk now, and I'm checking for hyphens... oh joy... but at least it's not the bibliography! :)

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