Thursday, October 10, 2002

Today is shaping up to be a slow day... I finished the last of what needed to be reviewed on the proof sheets, and everything has been proofread already... the only thing left, other than marking all of the corrections on the master copies, is the indexing... which means that all next week, I will probably be spending about four hours a day madly typing... oh the fun, oh the excitement!

But in the meantime, I'm a bit bored... don't really want to haul out any of the stuff I was working on before the proof sheets arrived, cuz I know I'll just have to put it away on Monday... *sigh*...

Oh, and did I mention that I was wrong when I thought two volumes had arrived? It was only the first of the two volumes... we'll be getting the other one shortly, and then it's back to this same routine for the second time! More fun, and more excitement... :p

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