Thursday, October 10, 2002

Well, every once in a while, this movie thing doesn't have a movie... so apparently today is Ed Wood's b-day (or would be, if he were still alive), so it's just talking about several of his movies... which I have never seen... because while I don't have a problem with bad movies (I sat through the entirety of "Blood Sucking Pharohs from Pittsburgh!"), Ed Wood movies are another matter entirely... :) Haven't actually seen "Ed Wood," either, even though Johnny Depp is in it... :)

Anyways, time to see what people have searched for to find my site... unfortunately, not much of interest this week... there's a marked increase in the number of searches for "scary," probably with Halloween rapidly approaching... so only a couple of interest:

  • "buttmagic" - right, I'm thinking that wasn't a search for my friend Steve... but that's okay... :)
  • "halloween Carbondale" - YES! Our reputation preceeds us! :)

For those who don't know what the deal is, Carbondale, Illinois, where I live, is well known for our Halloween riots... I don't personally know how long these have been going on for, but this will be my 5th Halloween in C-dale... there's only been riots one year that I've been here, I think... the problem is that in the past, everyone would be in town for Halloween, and the bars would be open... and when they closed, around 2 a.m., all the drunk college students run out into the streets and riot... since I've been here, they've tried a couple of things to cut back on the riots... the first couple of years, they closed the university around Halloween, and tried to get as many people as possible to go home... that worked well enough, and it looked like the riots were over for good... so then one year (this was 2000, I believe), they left the university open, as well as the bars... guess what happened? RIOTS! :)

So then last year, they closed the university and the bars... no riots! :) Brilliant, people... truly brilliant... in 2000, student + bars = riots! In previous years, no students + bars = no riots... in 2001, no students + no bars = no riots... So this year, they're trying a new equation... students + no bars = ???... my guess? No riots... but we shall see... :)

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