Thursday, October 03, 2002

Yay, it's Thursday! This makes the SWG very happy, as it means that tomorrow is Friday, and that starts the weekend! :)

Today's movies are both good!!! :) The main movie today is "Beetlejuice" (1988)... this is one of my favorite movies, though I don't watch it nearly as often as I'd like to... maybe something to think about picking up sooner or later... :) Anyways, Winona Ryder is in it... of course I love it! :) And it's a Tim Burton flick, AND Danny Elfman did the music... what's not to love? :) Best line: "I am... alone... I am utterly... alone..." From Winona's character's suicide note... :)

The second movie is "Sleepy Hollow," which I also liked a lot! Just one of those "Johnny Depp playing a supernatural investigator" movies... of which he has FAR too many, recently... that, "From Hell," and "Ninth Gate"... can we say "typecasting?"

I've noticed that on my list of things people used to search for my site, most of them are fairly repetitive... lots of searches involving goth, girl, scary, braces, etc... so I've decided to only post the really good ones... :)

"Neil Gaiman LARP" - what?! Sign me up for that NOW! I would SOOOOO love to do something like that! :)
"goth pet names" - hehehehe... no, I don't think I've discussed that... but assuming this means names for your pet if you're a goth, here are some that we made up when trying to name my new cat on the Sims: Unleashed: Dracula, Caine, or Bloodsucker... :) I went with the first... :)
"dawn of the net" - this one just jumped out at me... like what, George of the Jungle? I am Dawn of the Net, hear me roar... :) I doubt that's what they were going for... :)
"white wolf 80's band" - I am not aware of an 80s band called White Wolf, but if anyone knows differently, I'd love to hear about it!
"wedding dress Garou" - ummm... wow... this takes me back to my first ever Werewolf game... where my Child of Gaia went Crinos and was still wearing a skirt... it was a funny picture... but yet another case of unrelated search terms getting lumped together... :)

That's all for this week... though I did notice that there were a couple of semi-obscene ones this week... nothing I feel the need to share though... :)

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