Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Humpday Hump!

Act V Scene I: *We are sitting in hammocks between the trees in my backyard while the kidlets play. Enjoying the breeze and shooting the shtuff.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!!

Christy: Okay so White made most of you think of snow. Which makes me think of winter which I love of course. I can not survive in the heat. I sweat like a pig. I swear I am a direct descendant of Mr. Freeze. What is your favorite season? What three things do you like most about that season?
You: I looooove fall, which is why the weather lately has been annoying me sooo much. My three favorite things about the fall are the weather getting cooler (but not too cold yet!), the leaves changing colors, and Halloween!!!! :)

Christy: Speaking of seasons, Halloween is coming up! I love Halloween. It is the start of the giving season. I think my daughter is going to be Harry Potter and my son is going to be a construction worker. I think I am going to be a Mardi Gras favorite - the necklace lady! What about you?
You: Hmmmm... I dunno yet. I'm probably not going to dress up as anything for Halloween itself, but the next night, we're going to have Palla Grande at the LARP... and I've got most of my costume for that worked out... :) It's nothing based on anything, but the idea is "The Ice Queen"... I'll try to get pictures... :)

Christy: Are you going to give out candy to the little hoodlums? Do you have many that come around your place?
You: I doubt there are going to be many trick or treaters at my apartment... so I probably won't get much candy... maybe just some Pixie Stix, which will get eaten even if no kids come by... :) Mmmm... Pixie Stix... :)

Christy: I am the organizer of my daughter's Halloween and Christmas parties this year. We had Halloween parties at my house when I was a kid. Any memorable holidays in your past?
You: I still have the ceramic pumpkin and the ceramic boot that they gave us at the Halloween and Christmas parties in kindergarten... ah, the joys of going to a school where most of the parents were wealthy... :) Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of the holiday parties from when I was a kid, because I was sick a LOT as a child, and missed almost every holiday party for the first few years of school... the best Halloween I can remember was the one a few years back, when I still lived in Kirksville, and we had a party at the apartment... it was a lot of fun... especially when the party wound down and the girls and I decided to go to the bar... where we ran into some of our professors... that was bizarre... :)

Christy: Totally off subject, but I love getting catalogs in the mail as long as they are good catalogs. I dream of all the great things I could get if I was rich. What luxury item would you buy for yourself if you suddenly fell into a load of money?
You: If I had somewhere to put it, I'd love a hot tub... :) But not having one, I'd probably just buy a new computer... with a LOT of RAM, and probably like a 100 gig hard drive... :)

Christy: Sorry I was late meeting up with you today but my son had a playgroup this morning and we had to pick up my daughter straight after. What are your plans for this weekend?
You: Game on Friday, game on Saturday... laundry and other household chores on Sunday. Maybe do something else if anything comes up... but that's not likely... :)

Christy: Hey would you like a poll or a little game to play on the sidebar of my site?
You: Nooooo... not a game! I already have enough distractions! :)


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