Friday, November 15, 2002

La la la... it's just now noon, and I've already eaten lunch and done most of the stuff I need to today... *sigh*... guess I ought to find something else to do for a while, cuz I've already been through just about all of my sites and such for today... a few times, in some instances... :)

American Frontier tonight, and hopefully there will be something of interest going on... while Camarilla games can get away with letting the players do the plotting, Sabbat doesn't work well in that respect... because the Cam is all about backstabbing and political manuevering... while it is a VERY rare Sabbat game that is about the same... especially because of the Vaulderie and all that... so it kinda falls on the STs to give us plot to react to... poor STs...

Forgotten tomorrow, where there will definitely be things of interest going on... perhaps too many things of interest, in fact! But that's not entirely a bad thing... :)

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