Monday, November 18, 2002

I'm tired this morning, and feeling a bit run down... but seeing as Gabe (probably) has strep throat, this isn't entirely surprising... hopefully I won't get strep too... but my throat isn't exactly happy right now... :(

American Frontier was pretty slow for most of the night... then there was combat, which the "big guns" got involved in, while the rest of us sat around and cheered... I was REALLY tired by that point, so I laid around and half cheered... we're playing this Friday, though we have to end the game early (Student Center closes at 10 p.m.)... not an entirely bad thing, it just means people need to get there on time, and game needs to start on the early side! :)

The Forgotten kicked a whole bunch of ass, of course... first off, I got to NPC one of my old PCs... this is the benefit of being a narrator, and the only female on staff... much easier to just let Dawn play the character... :) I nearly fell over when I looked at the character sheet that Thor updated for me, but it was definitely falling over in a good way... :) It's nice to see what a consistenly played character could look like... :) (NPCs in that game get 4 XP a month, just like a normal player would get for regular attendance.) Nothing major there, just letting some of the PCs know that yes, she is still around, and yes, she will help her clan if needed...

Then I got to play for a while with my favorite non-Nosfertau, Red... and he was gonna let me make him my ghoul, too! ACK! But I had to decline... something about the person who I'm fully bound to telling me no... but it was for a good reason, so I didn't complain too much... :)

Anyways, lots of craziness throughout the night, and all I gotta say is I am DAMN glad that the Prince and Seneschal both love me... :)

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