Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Stayed home yesterday, in an effort to go to the doctor's office, and get to feeling better. Failed in the first regard, but succeeded in the second... good enough for me!

We've been watching a lot of movies lately... finished up "The Stand" on Sunday night, despite my tape threatening to cut out completely throughout the entire last episode. Granted, I taped it the first time it was shown on TV... which, as best as I can figure, was probably the summer of 1992. So it's a ten-year-old tape... recorded on the 6 hr. speed... and I seem to remember either storms or some sort of problem with the TV station when I taped it... still, it was fun to watch!

We watched "Monsters, Inc." on Monday night, and that was sooooooo adorable... I really liked it... but I still insist that my closet doors MUST be closed before I go to bed at night... oddly, though, if I fall asleep during the day, it's not as big of a deal... weird, I know!

Then last night, we watched "200 Cigarettes"... kinda bizarre, but I liked it... LOTS of '80s music throughout the whole movie, which was kewl... I did notice, though that they played "Tainted Love" at least twice... which seemed kinda weird, cuz I don't remember hearing any of the other songs twice... *shrug*... who knows!

Anyways, that's about all I've done the past few days... it's good to finally be feeling a little bit better!

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