Tuesday, November 12, 2002

We didn't have ANY internet all morning, till 9:30... couldn't even access my work E-mail, or the library site... that's bad!

Also, the room above my office is some sort of mechanical room... so usually there is something up there humming away. It keeps going quiet, today. I think it may be the heating/air conditioning, as there are often workers up there at the change of seasons, tinkering with the mechanical stuff. So I may be shivering in my office by tomorrow... that's also bad!

So the library seems to be falling down around my ears... they keep talking about renovations, but what we really need is a whole new library... but with all of the budget problems the university has been having, I don't think we're going to get a new building... the renovations even seem kinda iffy to me!

But hey, I've been getting work done, even if the library sucks... :)


Spent entirely too long at Blockbuster last night, trying to find a movie or two to rent... the problem was that the three we wanted to get (40 Days and 40 Nights, Death to Smoochy, and Frailty) were all only 2 night rentals... and we've been spoiled with getting week long rentals every time we've gone prior to this... so we ended up with American Beauty and In Dreams...

Then we watched American Beauty last night, which I really liked. It wasn't at all what I had suspected... I thought quite a bit of it was funny, mainly just how stereotypical and predictable a lot of the characters were to me... it was as though they took personality types and gave them names...

Yeah, we watch a lot of movies... it's relatively cheap entertainment, so I can't complain too much! :)

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