Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Ugh... the White Wolf site is down, which means I can't access my vampirethemasquerade E-mail account... UGH! And doteasy seems to have collapsed as well... *grumble*... (never mind, it's back now... gotta love multiple browser windows... :) )

Double checking the index today, cuz my boss wants to try to get it out to the Press tomorrow... yeah. right. I only have 46 pages (out of 171) on my desk right now... the remaining bunch haven't been checked over the first time yet! *sigh*...

Well, I got just about all of my Christmas shopping done last night... still need a b-day present for my brother, and maybe a couple more Christmas presents for various people... now I just gotta wrap it all!

And because we're incredibly silly, Gabe and I each opened one of our Christmas presents last night... I let him open his Rufus Wainwright CD (since he knew EXACTLY what it was... which CD and everything!), and he let me open one of my CDs... Rasputina, "Thanks for the Ether"... AWESOME!!!!! :) I've been wanting a Rasputina CD forever, but they're too expensive at Hot Topic, and they don't sell them anywhere else in town... that's why the internet rocks... :)

Now we just have to resist the urge to open all the presents before Christmas... hehehehe... :)

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