Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Well, it's official now... as of game on Friday night, Jubilee is the Bishop of Gulf Shores... and the Archbishop has directed us to siege Memphis... rock on... :)

Not only because of this, but also because of the little conversation after game on Friday night, that game is definitely looking up... the STs are getting things all straightened out, and I think when the new semester starts, the game is gonna rock... that makes this little ScaryWhiteGirl very happy... :)

Still waiting to hear what's going on with the Saturday game during break, and thinking about what I wanna play in the Vampire Battle Royale... in short, it's basically make the biggest baddest mini-maxed (physically) character you can, and duke it out with another dozen+ bad asses... not my usual cup o' tea, but it'll be fun as a one shot type of thing... I probably will go down fairly early, just cuz I'm no good at combat and such... *sigh*...

Anyways, a week till Christmas... w00t! :)

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