Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Wow, that's kinda weird... at least on my screen, for the first time in ages, my sidebar is longer than the text contained within my blog entries... gotta do something about that... and since shortening my sidebar isn't really an option, prepare for a longish entry... or a bunch of short ones...

Got all of my Christmas presents done, wrapped, and ready to go... and it's a week till Christmas! :) Rock on! Granted, I've had the ones ready for work since last week (cuz I didn't know which of my students would be in this week)... and I sorta had to get the ones for my family ready, cuz I'm going to give them to Megan, with directions to distribute them for me... cuz I'm not going up to St. Louis for Christmas...

In other matters Christmas related, the Christmas decorations at my apartment currently consist of a large pile of presents on a Rubbermaid container, under the monkey lamp, which has been decorated with one of my necklaces, more presents on the floor around the Rubbermaid container, and three whole Christmas cards taped to the wall... one from Seth, one from Sarah, and one from Shannon and Phil, which arrived last night... :) Yeah, I'm really festive and stuff... :)

Went to Hot Topic last night, and finally bought the skirt that I had been eyeing for quite some time... it's black and purple, with a cross design in the fabric... it's very much a Dani skirt, if I can find the right occasion for it... it took me a long time to decide to buy it though, because even on clearance, it was $23... which is far more than I would usually spend on something that I consider LARP clothes (and I doubt I'll wear this skirt for anything other than LARP)... but the way I finally justified it was that I didn't spend an insane amount on Christmas presents this year, AND it got me two more stamps on my Hot Topic card, AND it was half off the original price... so it wasn't too bad of a deal... but, like I said, now I need an excuse to wear it... it's almost going to have to be a special event, cuz Dani is NOT a dress-up kinda girl... :) The only important thing is that I have to avoid gaining any weight... the zipper on the back is short, and so the skirt BARELY fit over my hips... but the length is perfect, and once it's on and zipped, it's perfect... :)

Only 7 more hours of work today, minus lunch, and then a day off before coming back for just Friday... and Friday will mostly be cleaning things off my desk, and exchanging presents, and otherwise being lazy... then two whole glorious weeks off! w00t! :)

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