Friday, January 31, 2003

Friday Five!

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why? I was a big Wonder Woman fan, though it was probably less because I knew who she was, and more because I had way cool Wonder Woman Underoos! :) Superhero/heroine underwear ROCKS! :)

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got? A pony! No, really... I always wanted a horse, or at least to get to ride a horse. My cousins had horses that they rode, so why couldn't I, right? :)

3. What's the furthest from home you've been? Not sure if Tempe, AZ, or Virginia Beach, VA, was further from home... but I would suspect it's one or the other. Tempe, at least to me, FELT further from home, because I went there by myself, to visit my friend Jamie. Virginia Beach, on the other hand, was a family trip...

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet? I'd love to be able to actually SPEAK a foreign language passably well. I've studied French, Latin, Old English, and German, but I can't actually speak any of them worth a damn... people tell me stuff in one of those languages (usually French or German), and I get very confused... :(

5. What are your plans for the weekend? Riding up to E-ville tonight for OWBN. Saturday, probably mostly putzing around during the day, and then the C-dale OWBN game at night. Sunday, laundry, homework, and maybe actually running my TT game... but we'll see... :)


End of the Work Week Wisdom:

Brian: "You have to be different!"
The Crowd: "Yes, we are all different!"
Small lonely voice: "I'm not!"

--from "Life of Brian"

Heheheh... :)

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