Monday, January 13, 2003

Here I am! :) Stayed home on Friday cuz I was tired and my tummy was hurting when I woke up... got much better later in the day, so we went and bought the new TV and entertainment center... then spent about 2 hours putting the entertainment center together, and another hour rearranging stuff... still, it was all done in time for the Project Twilight game, so it was all good! :)

And all I can say about the TV is... DUDE... 25 inch TV, now hooked up to the stereo, so that when we watch DVDs, it's ALMOST surround sound... just have to get some nails, and put up the surround sound speakers... w00t! :)

So Project Twilight game was Friday night, and we got through a chunk of the action, and no one died... Cindy's and my characters got knocked down to Wounded (so it'll be a month, a week, and four days till we're fully healed, if we don't get anything special done)... but no one died, or got bit by the zombies! :)

Battle Royale was Saturday, and the team I was on won... it was ALMOST the dream team... but Gabe got put on the other team... :( So Cindy, Karac, Nick, and I were on a team with Alan, Big Dave, and Phil... and we kicked much ass... :) Next time, however, it's gonna be much better, as we get to choose our teams in advance, and make up our characters to complement each other and work together... and we've already talked about what we wanna do... :)

Yesterday was a bunch of sitting around and being lazy, and a really short session of Angels Laugh... which I wasn't really into... which made it (in my opinion) suck... *sigh*... I know that I am overly critical of my STing, but I really do think I did really badly last night... :( Ah well, I'm hoping to make up for it with the next session, as I know what I'm doing with that... :)

Anyways, classes started back up today, but I don't have class until tomorrow... Tuesdays and Thursdays, I won't even be getting to work until 9:30ish, as I have class first thing in the morning... we'll see how that goes! :)

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