Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I've decided that I do my best "writing" in the oddest places--when I'm in the shower, or walking to work alone, or driving alone. I have to call it "writing," though, because it's really hard to actually put pen to paper in the situations where I "write" the best... so it ends up being thoughts in my head that would turn out really kewl on paper, but by the time I actually get to a place where I could write, the thoughts have usually slipped my mind. *sigh*...

This was all brought about because I was thinking about the fact that you could just tell by the wind this morning that it was going to get warmer today. Except that while I was thinking this (walking to work), it sounded a whole lot kewler... ah well.

Anyway, it is a lot warmer today, and I'm happy about it... the forecast looks pretty good for the next week, really. Maybe a bit cool tomorrow, but after that, the highs are supposed to be in the mid 40s-50s for the next few days. I can definitely live with that! :) Of course, it probably means that my office will be overly warm for a while, but as long as it's warm outside, and I can get away with not bundling up for the walk to work, it's okay if it's warm in my office.

I wish it was lunchtime already!

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