Wednesday, January 29, 2003

It was doing the weirdest snow-ish thing this morning while I was walking to work... it sounded like rain, but looked like snow, or maybe sleet... very weird! :)

But now it's stopped that, and aside from the wind, we seem to be getting the promised warmer weather. I can definitely live with that! :)

We watched "Pecker" last night, which was very funny, but also very bizarre... very John Waters... :) I like Edward Furlong, and anything with Christina Ricci on it is on my list of things to see... :)

Dunno what we'll do tonight, but it looks like we may go watch "Life of Brian" on Thursday... gotta love Monty Python movies... :) Friday is a trip to E-ville for OWBN, and Saturday will be our OWBN game here. I'm hoping for lots of fun plotting, and hopefully not too much chasing around the big baddies that are amuck in the city at the moment... *sigh*...

Anyways, back to work now, I suppose... :)

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