Wednesday, January 22, 2003

So I'm enrolled in my class for audit now, which means I don't have to worry about the paper or the exam... just do the reading, go to class, and talk on occasion... rock on! :)

Gotta look into getting a real (read: land based) phone line for the apartment, so that we can get internet there. Still gotta keep my cell phone though, cuz it's nice and convenient and has built in caller ID and voice mail! :) Actually, it's not so much a matter of looking into it, as I know exactly what I want to get... it's just a matter of getting everything signed up... and then going and buying a really long phone cord with a splitter, and shorter phone cords to connect mine and Gabe's computers to the phone line. I really HATE having only one phone jack in the whole apartment.

Because, you see, in my dad's house, we had phone jacks in every room. Yes, including the bathroom. When I was 15, and moved into the basement, I had 3 phones in my room. One at EACH end of my bed, and one at the desk. That, my friends, is every teenaged girl's DREAM room! Okay, except for the fact that it was super cold, and didn't have a door... but the phone situation was great! :)

But what this all means is that I was spoiled, in that phones or internet connections have never been a problem... but now, the only phone jack is in the living room, behind the entertainment center... so I have to run phone cord up the wall, across the ceiling, and into the computer room, and then split it, so it can be attached to my computer (which is on the wall nearest to the living room) and Gabe's computer (which is opposite mine, on the far side of the room). Shouldn't be hard, as long as I can find a way to make the cord stick to the ceiling... :)

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