Tuesday, January 21, 2003

It's been a madly busy day today, as evidenced by my lack of posting until now. Class this morning, then lots of work, then Denis stopping by, then more work, lunch, and more work... whew!

The weekend was pretty good... Friday was an in-week scene for the Forgotten, that had us a bit terrified... VERY kewl though, and a lot of fun, when all was said and done. Mostly glad we got it taken care of, though the end result wasn't what we necessarily wanted from the outset.

Saturday was game, with a handful of out of town visitors... a small game, as most of our own players were in Milwaukee, but a very good game nonetheless... interesting stuff in Elysium, which is always kewl... and Dani is almost NOT hating the Giovanni... or maybe it's just that she's learning to like some of them much more, after meeting ones that she most definitively does NOT like... :) There was quite a bit of back room dealing, and I got cut out of the poker game (heh), but it was still very kewl... :)

Sunday... ummm... what DID I do on Sunday? Laundry and reading, and I guess I took up the rest of the time with The Sims... :)

Monday, since it was a day off, was for shopping... I found an old copy of In Nomine, which is a very kewl angels and demons game that I talked about before (when ranting about Demon: The Fallen)... and I also got my own copy of HOL... a.k.a. Human Occupied Landfill... which is a little known and often hard to find product of Black Dog, the "mature" section of White Wolf. It's a VERY funny game, which I have played once, in Blitz's basement... which was a source of vast amusement... :) Now if I can just find Buttery Wholesomeness, so I can do character creation, I'll be set! :) We also hit the mall, and a T-shirt that I had been wanting for a while was on the clearance rack at Hot Topic... w00t! See, Gabe has his skeleton shirt, which has a rib cage on the chest, and arm bones down the arms... very kewl... well now I have one too... except smaller (duh!), and with a nice heart where it belongs in the rib cage... just perfect for Jubilee, so that she can match with Jack! :)

And now I'm back at work... yay, isn't that exciting... I'm leaving a little early to go switch my course from regular enrollment to audit, as I discovered that I don't need the hours... *sigh*... :)

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