Thursday, February 13, 2003

Even though I have internet at home, I still didn't post yesterday... I know, I'm odd like that...

Meaning, of course, that I was at home yesterday, cuz of stupid allergies... *sigh*... one of these days, I will go get tested to find out what exactly I'm allergic to... but I think mold is definitely one of them... makes sense, seeing as I'm allergic to amoxicillin, and doctors don't want to give me any other "-cillin" type drug, as a result... :)

So yeah... one more week till E-Con... I'm mostly ready... should probably work on some of that tonight though... at least for the LARP, which still needs some work...

Oh... I got the other Cruxshadows CD yesterday, AND the Baz Luhrman box set... so we watched "Romeo+Juliet" last night... such a good movie... :)

And the Cruxshadows CD is okay... right now, I think I like their 3rd CD (Wishfire) the best... and it's hard to pick which of the others I like second best... "Telemetry of a Fallen Angel" is really good, but has bad. goth. poetry. "Whisper of a Shadow" (I think that's what it's called) is okay, but it's much slower than the other ones, which are more dance-y... and since I'm so much a perky goth, I like dance-y... :)

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