Monday, February 03, 2003

I find it rather amusing that despite the fact that I have internet at home now, I still don't post on the weekends... :) Somehow, it just doesn't really cross my mind... :)

Monday Mission isn't up yet; we'll have to see if it comes up later, and if it's interesting... :)

Game on Friday night, in E-ville, was okay... slow, but okay... Game on Saturday, here, kicked all possible ass! :) Like Dan (G-Lo) said, can't wait for NEXT Saturday already! :)

Yesterday was sooooooo nice outside! We went and took pictures at the cemetery in the middle of C-dale... the one I can never remember the name of, but it's on the register of historic places... anyway, aside from the above ground coffin (which you have to see to understand), not much of interest there... but maybe some of the pictures will show up here... digital cameras are really kewl, cuz you can actually use them to take decent pictures of yourself!

Oh, and we watched "Monster Squad" last night, thanks to Karac (and the tape he's had since he was 3...)... what a fun movie... :)

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