Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Things that are cool:

  • Having a new computer!
  • Watching the speed at which the Sims runs on said computer!
  • Looking at the hard drive space and drooling, because I have no idea how I could EVER fill that up!

Things that are not cool:

  • Windows XP... it blows...
  • Not being able to install Microsoft Office... I can't remember if the CD had this problem before, or if the computer is being retarded...
  • Not having a long enough phone cord to attach this computer to the internet and download the stuff I need...
  • Not knowing for sure if the phone line or the modems are screwy, but leaning heavily towards the phone line side of things...
  • Rain.
  • Windshield wipers that don't wanna work, particularly when coupled with rain.
  • Having tonight and tomorrow to finish off the RR stuff, and really wishing I could just play with my new computer!

Memo to self: never order a new computer a week and a half before a convention... BAD idea... :)

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