Thursday, February 20, 2003

More things that are cool:

  • Getting my phone line hooked up to my computer
  • Getting all the downloads I needed for my computer in less than two hours... and they all worked!
  • Getting all the stuff for RR done! w00t!
  • Windshield wipers that have decided to work again!
  • Nicer weather today!

More things that are not cool:

  • Discovering that it is definitely the phone line that is causing internet connection problems... and really not wanting to have to call the phone company to get them to fix it, cuz I know they will charge a ton of money for that...
  • Still having 3/4 of a day to work today, and a 1/2 day tomorrow...
  • The fact that LJ seems to be down... :(
  • The fact that it's going to snow this weekend, dashing any hopes of running RR outside! :(

I think that's all for now... :)

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