Monday, February 17, 2003

Well, it was a weekend of many movies... so here they are... :)

Friday night was "The House of Yes"... this is an incredibly kewl movie (based on a play, which is very apparent)... VERY Malkavian... Gabe had been mentioning it every once in a while, so we went and found it on Friday night... (side note: the benefit of being weird and quirky and NOT wanting a romantic type movie on Valentine's Day is that pretty much anything you would want to rent is available... :) )

Saturday afternoon was "Before Sunrise," which was okay... it was definitely cute, but I was unfortunately falling asleep during the beginning of the movie... so, since it was something that you could listen to, without watching, I just worked on a pair of jeans I'm decorating for Dani... :)

And then last night, we finally watched "Blue Velvet," which I've owned for at least five years, but only watched maybe once in that time... and Gabe hadn't seen it, so I had to get him to watch it... :) When compared with other David Lynch movies, yeah... this one is much better... not nearly as confusing as "Lost Highway," or anything like that... :)

Other than that, game on Saturday rocked as always, though some of the people I was expecting didn't make it down... and I got Valentine's Day presents from Thor (OOC) and Peaches (IC)... so that was nifty... :)

Okay, time to start typing real stuff... Monday Mission later, maybe...

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