Monday, March 03, 2003

Here I am, on yet another Monday. Monday Mission isn't up yet, so maybe that will come later in the day... we shall see! :)

For now, just another movie we watched... "Dracula: The Dark Prince," which was actually on USA a few years ago on Halloween. It's not actually a vampire movie, but more of an historical movie... sorta. At any rate, it's quite good, and the dude who plays Dracula is made for the part. It also has Jane March in it, who, I believe, is in "The Color of Night," with Bruce Willis. Oh, and Roger Daltrey is in it as well... :)

The weather here is still rather cold, though it's looking like 50s by this weekend... after a touch more snow... grrr... I am very much looking forward to a good 6 or so months with no snow... at LEAST 6 months, PLEASE?! :)

Well, time to work or something... looks like I'm going to see "The Ring" and "Ringu" (the Japanese (& original) version of "The Ring") tonight... I probably won't sleep for a good long time... :)

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