Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I finally got to see "Trainspotting" last night... and with the exception of a very few scenes, I liked it a lot! See, when I was in undergrad, I had been warned away from the movie by one of my friends, who said there was a whole lot of gross stuff in it that I wouldn't like... well, now that I've seen it, either I'm a lot more jaded now, or said friend was being really overprotective of me...

I've decided that I ought to come up with a rating system for movies... maybe with cute little icons and everything... so far I've thought of doing "fangs," but that seems really dumb... the other option at this point was either fish or frogs (to go along with the Delirium idea of "fishies and froggies")... I like fish better, at the moment... because then it goes well with "I am following my fish"... :) And yes, I pondered doing "screams," or something like that, that goes well with the Scary White Girl idea, but "screams" seems only appropriate for horror movies, and I don't watch many of those...

But, as a teaser, there is a horror movie sitting in the Blockbuster bag right now... which means I'll get to that soon! :)

In exciting news, Bruce Campbell will be here on campus tonight... I do believe we'll be going to see him... :) I really should have snagged his autobiography last week when I found it... but I was lazy, and didn't... :) Cuz if I bought it, I'd really feel obligated to read it right away! :)

Oh, that reminds me... I finally finished re-reading "The Vampire Lestat"! Now it's on to "Queen of the Damned," I suppose... *sigh*... I have to get through the books again, so I can get to the newer ones (like "Blood and Gold" and such)... well, at least there's only about a month and a half left of classes... then I might feel like reading again in my spare time... :)

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