Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Well, the movie for last night was "Basquiat"... I get the impression that I really didn't get it... :) There were a lot of famous folks in it, playing assorted well-known and not-so-well-known New York artists (David Bowie was AWESOME as Andy Warhol)... but aside from that, I really didn't get it... it's odd, because Gabe asked "Why have we never heard of this guy?" (meaning Jean-Michel Basquiat)... and I couldn't figure it out... there wasn't any sense that like someone else had claimed credit for his work, or anything like that... and he was supposed to have had shows all over the globe and such... so I'm rather confused on that point...

Oh, and I tried to post yesterday, but it didn't go through... SIUC is in the NCAA tournament... playing University of Missouri at Columbia in the first round... I have a feeling that if the first game is Friday, I'll either be at work or at game... so I won't be watching it... but I'm hoping SIUC wins! :)

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