Thursday, March 06, 2003

Let's see here... recent movies... Tuesday night we watched "To Die For," which was VERY funny... at least I thought it was very funny... it's sort of darkly humorous, so if you like that sort of thing, I'd recommend it! :)

And then last night we watched "Session 9." Bad. movie. But, we had rented it for a reason... it was filmed in the Danvers Mental Hospital, which is a very creepy looking old asylum in Massachusetts... which also happens to have some parallels in the Forgotten... like the asylum that we deal with has been converted to look JUST like Danvers... so we wanted to get a good look at the place, because though the pictures Thor found were very nice, it was really kewl to see it "live," so to speak... anyways, the movie sucked, the acting was even worse, but the building was way nifty! :)

So now I'm sitting at work, working (of all things), and playing on the internet... hehehe... :)

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