Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Nope, didn't watch "The Ring" last night... mainly because we just weren't all that thrilled about it... saw Dan and Minta, but no one else we were expecting to see there... so we went home and played our individual Civ games (original for me, Civ III for Gabe)... all in all, I'd say it was more fun than a scary movie anyway! :)

At any rate, we'll probably rent "The Ring" eventually... seeing as it comes out today and all... of course, that's AFTER all the other movies we want to see stop being 2 day rentals, and go to a full week... we're just too lazy to do the 2 day rental thing... :)

This looks interesting... it's the Top 5 Tuesday

"This week's topic should hit home for a lot of people, since i don't know anyone who hasn't spent hours selecting tracks to build the perfect mix tape (or more recently CD) for that perfect occasion or special someone. The beauty of these homemade collections is that when the dust has settled and the recording is done, you get to appropriately name your masterpiece. My list is just as much about the content and purpose of the mixes as it is about the titles, and i'm sure there are some outrageous titles that will make an appearance, so dig out those old cassettes or new CDs that you have lovingly assembled into the soundtrack of your life and list it in the Top 5 Mix Tape Names."

My Top 5 Mix Tape Names:

1. Kick The Baby Mix: Although I didn't make (or name) this one, it's one of my favorite titles. My friend Candra made me a mix tape of techno type stuff. Knowing how much I loved the episode of South Park with: "Ready Ike? Kick the baby!" "Don't kick the baby!" "Kick the baby!", she named it after that. It's quite a good tape, with my first exposure to a number of good techno artists, and some nice remixes of songs that I really liked!

2. Modern Rock? Dream Mode: This tape is really bizarre, because it was really just me trying to pile a bunch of stuff on to one tape, so that I would have it in one place. It starts of with (as much as I hate to admit it) Jewel on Modern Rock Live, doing, among other things, a yodeling song... that is followed by a couple of tracks from the "Labyrinth" soundtrack, and then some tracks from the "Dream a Little Dream" soundtrack. And then the end of the tape is Depeche Mode. The name for the tape came from the various elements of the tape... Modern Rock Live / Labyrinth / Dream a Little Dream / Depeche Mode... cheezy, I know.

3. G-Minor Morning: The title of this mix tape is taken straight out of a Lemonhead's song, "Dawn Can't Decide" (which is a favorite of mine)... that song is on the tape, as well as a lot of other early 90s alternative / grunge / garage type stuff... it's VERY dated... :)

4. Multitudes of Thoughtless Clones: Another title I ripped out of a song, this time Bad Religion (actually, it may be a title of their song... can't remember). This tape is, I think, stuff like Sheryl Crow and Beck... which don't EVEN go together, but I had one tape, and a wide array of music to get on there... :) And yes, I think there is Bad Religion on that tape as well... :)

5. Girls and Boys (well, sorta): This was a mix tape I made while visiting my friend Jamie in Arizona, by raiding her CD stash, which included a lot of stuff that I didn't have. The first side was all male bands / singers, the second side was meant to be all female. BUT, after I had made the bulk of the tape, as well as some other tapes, I found a song that I REALLY wanted to have (the title of which I can't recall now, but it's by Frankie Goes to Hollywood), and had to squeeze that on the end of the female side... so it's mostly divided by gender, but not quite...

Well, that wasn't the easiest thing I've done, but I got through it! :) I would have put on some of my CDs as well, but seeing as they have titles like "Morgan", that's not really all that clever... :(

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