Monday, March 10, 2003

Monday Mission is finally up! :)

1. What is the most boring project you have ever had to do? Hmmm... the carding and filing of "Grant's grocery lists" (as Gabe called them) was pretty damn boring... maybe not the most boring, but the most boring in recent memory!

2. If you could be anyone or anything you wish, who or what would you want to be? Why? I have no desire to be someone different from me, but if I could be me with a job that involves staying home and wearing my pajamas all day, I would be the happiest girl ever!

3. What is one thing you refuse to ever put in your mouth? There are a great many things that I refuse to put into my mouth... most of them are things that don't belong in my mouth in the first place. And as for food, the little peppers that they put in sesame beef are (from what I've been warned) pretty toxic... so I avoid those... :)

4.If you could film a documentary about yourself and have yourself followed for 1 day, what would that day look like? And why? World's Most Boring Documentary Ever! :) Unless I knew about it in advance, and got to plan the events of the day to appeal to the camera... in that case, I'd probably want to be in St. Louis, rather than here... but it would probably involve me wandering around and looking at stuff, and shopping, and maybe LARPing... okay, definitely LARPing! :)

5. What is the longest distance you have ever traveled to meet someone for the first time (blind date, blogger meet-up, etc). Was it worth the trip? I haven't done much in the way of travelling to meet people I've never met before... I think one time we went from my dad's house to Crestwood to meet some BBSers... so that would be about half an hour! :)

6. What do people usually assume about you that isn't true? I think the most common assumption is that I'm a lot younger than I really am... I do look a LOT younger than my actual age... this, however, is a good thing... I'll gladly be carded for beer for the rest of my life, if I can keep looking young! :)

7. What are you craving for lunch today? Well, I already had lunch today... and I already know that I'm having tacos for dinner... but mentioning the sesame beef (above) makes me wish I could have that instead... but the ground beef for tacos is probably already thawed, and it will probably already be partially cooked by the time I get home... :)

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