Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Well, I was gonna get back to work... but the Top 5 Tuesday is interesting today! :)

"Today we are going with a reader submission as a topic. Amy has suggested the very cool Top 5 Greatest Hits Albums. These are a completely different animal than an official album release; in some cases these hits albums contain all the songs that most people will ever hear from a certain band. This can lead to fantastic new discoveries when you actually search out the full records that each of these hits came from and listen to that as a complete entity. This has happened to me on a few occasions and i have been more than stoked to expand my listening horizons. So, enough ramblin', and onto the list."

Top 5 Greatest Hits Albums
1. "Standing on the Beach - The Singles" (The Cure) - this one also goes by another name, which I can't recall at the moment... it all depended on whether you bought the tape or CD... I've owned both... :) Anyways, this is the early singles of the Cure... with stuff like "Why Can't I Be You?" and "Hot! Hot! Hot!"...
2. "Galore" (The Cure) - yeah, I'm putting two Cure greatest hits albums on here... cuz I love the Cure... this one is more of a greatest hits, and gets further into the Cure's career. So this one has stuff like "Friday I'm in Love"...
3. "Decade" (Duran Duran) - I was such a big Duran Duran fan when I was a kid, and "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" was one of the first tapes I owned... I still love listening to Duran Duran... pretty much anything they've ever put out! :)
4. "Eponymous" (R.E.M.) - pretty much all of the good early R.E.M. songs... and really, when it comes down to it, that was when they wrote all of their good stuff anyway! :)
5. "Catching Up with Depeche Mode" (Depeche Mode) - this is another one of those greatest hits albums that was put out early in the career of the band in question, and thus doesn't have all of their good songs on it. But it's great for old school (like early 80s) Depeche Mode...

Of course, this is only based on the ones I own... I would imagine that I would really like "The Least Worst of" (Type O Negative), if I ever heard it... and if NIN had a greatest hits, that would go on the list as well... this list pretty much just covers what I listened to in high school and undergrad... those four bands, and others like them... :)

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