Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Nope, the tornado didn't come and get us... from what I saw on the weather before going to bed, it ended up going south of C-dale, if it even came across the river intact... our power didn't even go out, though it might have flickered briefly...

We watched "Warlock" last night... it was very 80s... and apparently not the one that we had seen the preview for... bummer, now I guess we have to find the sequel... :) I don't mind too much, though, cuz I really like Julian Sands... :)

Not much else going on at the moment... we're about to get really busy, with Gabe's brother and mom both graduating, and his brother (same one) getting married... so yeah, much insanity... at least school is over though! :) Well, over for me; Gabe still has to turn in a paper and take a final... but that's all... :)

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