Monday, May 19, 2003

Time for the Monday Mission!

1. This seems to be the year for movie sequels (Terminator 3, Matrix Reloaded, 2 Fast 2 Furious, LOTR: The Return of the King, etc.). Is there a movie you would like to see Hollywood make a sequel to? Hmmm... well, I would have liked to have seen a GOOD sequel to "The Crow," but that didn't happen... I'm still hoping for one of those, I guess... :)

2. What movie sequel do you think should never have been made? Where should I start? Any sequel to any Stephen King movie (i.e. Pet Semetary, Carrie, Sometimes They Come Back, Children of the Corn)... and, I'll continue to wish that "The Crow: City of Angels" had never been made... :)

3. Are there any books (comic, novel, etc.) that you would like to see made into a movie? Who should star in it? Sandman, in one form or another, needs to become a movie... Fairuza Balk would be perfect as Death, and I wanna play Delirium... :)

4. When was the last time the you got a shot at the Doctor's office? Do you prefer them in the arm or your backside? Or would you rather just take a
Lately, most of the "shots" I've gotten have been finger pricks... I really hate those, especially when they insist on putting them in my right hand... it makes it hard to write for a few days after that... let alone type...

5. Do you make friends easier in "Real Life" or online or is it about the same? Do you have closer friendships in "Real Life" or online? Why do you think that is? Are you ok with that or would you like to make a change? Real life, definitely... I'm rarely online to chat, it's usually just to check E-mail, take care of game stuff and update my blog and such...

6. When you first got your drivers license how did you feel? Did you get it on the first try, second, third, more than that? Do you have a license? If
no, do you plan to get one? Why or why not?(by Rebecca)
I got my license about 2 months after I turned 16. I passed on my first try, but only by a point... then again, none of my siblings passed on their first try, so I'm pretty proud of that... :) Don't really remember how I felt, but I guess I was pretty happy about it... was nice to be able to drive myself places... :)

7. Have you ever had your tonsils removed? Did you ever come close? Tell me about that. Nope... don't think I've come close, either...


In other news, games on Friday and Saturday were both good. I took a nap at game on Friday, though... and we didn't arrive till late on Saturday... but, nonetheless, both games were good. I got to run a small-ish combat on Saturday night, and I did okay... it helped that I had another ST (from another game) out there, and a former ST from our game helping out. I just stood there in my Trinity outfit and fuzzy slippers (cuz my boots were killing me), and yelled stuff... :) I think I only ran two rounds, anyway... so it wasn't difficult at all... :)

Gabe's brother's wedding went well. I didn't see much of it, as I was helping out with the ringbearers and such, but it was still really nice. Got to meet a bunch of his family, of whom I have probably forgotten half of their names... :)

And we finally got to see "The Matrix Reloaded" last night... I loved it... :) And the new theatre we got in C-dale is pretty nice too... stadium seating is kewl... :) Then, after the movie, I sat through the entire end credits on the edge of my seat, waiting for the preview for "The Matrix Revolutions"... *sigh*... it was rather disappointing, honestly. They could have done better, I think... then again, there's six more months to show previews, so I guess they're waiting to show the good ones later. :)

As for previews I saw that look good, I think "Finding Nemo" will be cute... probably we'll wait for it on video, though... "Terminator 3," I can wait for video, if at all... "Freddy vs. Jason," no thanks, I'll pass... "Kill Bill," definitely gonna see that... "The Last Samurai," we'll have to see when it comes out, and what other movies come out around the same time... it'll probably wait for video tho...

I think that was all the previews... the nice thing, at least, was no commercials before the movie... just previews! :)

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