Monday, July 07, 2003

So, three movies from over the weekend to mention...

The first was Slashers, which was a low budget horror (?) flick that Thor rented... it was really funny, I thought, though it made me jump a couple of times... and the music... was just far too groovy... ("Super fun!")

Then yesterday we watched Shallow Grave, which was a Ewan McGregor movie (cuz he's so darn cute!)... also rather good... though, as is often the case with lower budget British movies, the dialogue was hard to understand (accents+low audio quality)... but we understood enough of it, I suppose... :)

And the other movie yesterday was 12 Monkeys, which I hadn't seen for quite some time (and I think I only saw it once)... it was pretty much as I remembered it, though I was able to comprehend it a little better this time, I think... then again, it came out in 1995 (wow!), so I guess 8 years can make a big difference! :)

Other than that, not much going on, really... had a nice four day weekend, and now I'm back at work... need to find out what my next big project will be, because I'm a bit bored at the moment... :)

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