Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oi... getting ready to move our offices from on campus to just at the edge of campus is draining my brain on a regular basis. The good news is that the bulk of the packing and planning is done. The bad news is that the packing which remains is the stuff that's going to be a pain. I also still need to mark objects so that the movers know what to put where. Whee! Labels are my friends. I still want flashy pretty colored ones, but I guess I can make do with what I have. :)

So yeah, I have my next two and a half weeks quite planned out. Granted, most of what I have on my planning calendar is probably stuff that can be done in much less time than I have designated. But it's better to have too much time than not enough time. Having too much time means that some days, I can slack. And slacking can be a good thing.

Crafting has dried up, to a large extent. Still working on the coasters for the boyz, and I need to make them curtains still (gee, I'm so domestic...). Working on a sekrit as well, though it isn't for the boyz, this time. :) And then I can get back into doing the usual crafting, I think. Ooh, but I might have a possibility of selling purses, like the ones I made for Jesi... but I think I'll wait and go talk to that girl when I actually will have time to make purses again... :)


In other news, since I missed my music post yesterday, here's a little bit of musical commentary.

Boom Boom Satellites - they do the music for "Appleseed," which is an anime that the boyz have been watching. J asked me to look for some of their stuff, and I have done so. I now have about 4 CDs worth, give or take a few songs here and there. I think "Anthem," which is from "Appleseed," is my favorite song thus far, but then again, I'm only listening to the first of the four CDs that I made... :)

Daughter Darling - my friend Benji mentioned them to me, almost in passing, and I then got everything they've put out. Only one CD worth, but that's okay. It's amazing. It's seriously everything I love about several different genres of music, all rolled into a single band. Gorgeous female vocals (think Sarah McLachlan / Fiona Apple), pianos and violins (like Rasputina! Squee!), trip-hop (like Portishead), and so on. They do a cover of "Dust in the Wind." Wow. I like that song, now. :)

Ummm... yeah. Still endeavoring to find all the Purple Penguin I can, because who wouldn't like a band named Purple Penguin? Okay, maybe not. But if you are J or myself, and they're a techno band, who wouldn't like them? :)

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