Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Super duper heavy gaming weekend, what with two OWBN games and Sabbat...

Friday night was the local OWBN game, and my first full night as Prince. I'm barely in game 10 minutes before I find out that the Harpy (my clanmate) is getting rolled. Nothing we can do about it, except track down the culprits, which was nicely accomplished. Question them, decide to kill 'em all, which turned into a bit of a clusterfuck, and caused me no end of grief. *sigh*... The only good thing that should come out of all of this is that whoever thought I was going to be far more merciful than Blake was so wrong. Mel's only got a couple of soft spots, and the chances of a Kindred actually hitting them are pretty damn slim...

Saturday night was Sabbat, and Ember's turn to be ruthless. She found out that one of the other packs, along with her own Ductus, had gone out and killed some people while feeding... which is allowed, as long as said people won't be missed. Problem being: these fools messed up, big time. So she got to rat out her ductus, getting him Wild Hunted, and then took back over as ductus of her pack. w00t for that! :) The pack needs a little bit of poking and maybe some trades, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not... but it'll work, even if we don't get it exactly how I want it.

Sunday night was Paducah game, and though the STs were tied up dealing with mostly stupid people for the majority of the night, I accomplished quite a bit. Mostly I just needed to roleplay with some folks, make some connections, and things like that. Had to tell several Toreador about Elizabeth's untimely demise, which sucked, but hey, it had to be done. But I got to have tea with several people, and Missy decided that I am a princess, because I had lawn chairs in my trunk, so I had a seat while everyone else stood around outside. Hey, I'm not totally a princess, I got the chairs myself, rather than having someone fetch them for me... :)

Saturday is the final Garou game for the summer, and it's going to be craziness... whee!

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