Monday, August 29, 2005

Yet again, a fairly thin movie weekend. Mostly watched bits and pieces of things sort of in passing, if anything.

There were a couple of exceptions, of course. Doc and I watched "Troy" on Sunday, as I had gotten it back from J, and we were trying to get the surround sound speakers hooked up. Well, they're hooked to the stereo, but I don't know if they're functioning or not. It doesn't sound like it, but it's hard to say. I wish I had the manual for the dumb stereo, but I don't think I do. Ah well. One of these days, I will have enough of the ghetto stereo and buy a new one, and then I will have the manual for the surround sound speakers. :)

The other exception was an odd one. I hate Adam Sandler. J and N do not. So Friday night and Saturday afternoon (cuz we had to finish it), we watched "Billy Madison." I still don't like Adam Sandler. The movie wasn't all bad, but he just doesn't amuse me very much. Still, I was strangely disappointed that I missed the end of the movie (I was getting ready for game)... so that makes 3 of his movies that I've seen now... and I still HATE "Happy Gilmore"...


In other news, we got the official word not too long ago that the office is moving on the 6th. They're going to start moving filing cabinets on Thursday, but no people until the 6th. So that's kewl. Boss will be pleased, when he returns from his latest trip. And me, I get a little more time to pack, so that's kewl. :)

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