Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thin gaming weekend, as some of them tend to be, and as more will be in the future, or so it appears... but there was the addition of a mid-week game, so that changes things up a bit.

Last Wednesday was the first time I actually sat down to play Requiem. Seeing as I had only sat down with the books the previous night, that was fun. :) But yeah, I'm still forming a full opinion on the game in its entirety.

I like the combat system, as it's a whole lot faster. This is really nice when you don't like playing combat effective characters, because the other people get done with their silly combat much quicker. :)

I'm not too sure about the setting. Part of the difficulty is that I'm just not that familiar with it, and so there's a lot of times where I'm sitting there going "right, what now?" It's tricky, and I should probably read the books, but as I'm opposed to buying them on principle, and I just dropped $70 on other gaming books, I probably won't get a chance to read them for a while... :)

The other game (the one on the weekend) was Doc's Dark Ages one shot, which was pretty kewl. Granted, I spent most of the night sitting on a couch and looking creepy. Then there was the long scene where J's character was defending himself, and I couldn't breathe. Corsets are a bitch like that. I probably would have been okay if I were standing, but that wouldn't have worked in that scene. As it was, as soon as that scene was over, I took off the damn corset. By the end of the night, my costume was down to just a shirt and skirt, as opposed to the shirt, skirt, corset, cloak, veil, and mask I had started out with. I ditched the skirt on the way to the after-party... cuz I had shorts in my bag... :)

In other gaming news, I have acquired a copy of Deleria, which is a neat little Changeling-esque game. I still need to read it, but I'm planning to run it for E-Con this spring. I also reacquired the Changeling tabletop book, and a few other assorted White Wolf books, including some of the old school Tradition books. This makes me a happy camper. :)

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