Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So it'll only be a music review of sorts, because it's music related, but not exactly music.

Got my Cruxshadows DVD last Thursday, and immediately broke it out to watch. I then inflicted it on Doc, Jesi, and J the next night. :)

So it's concert footage and videos, and there's other stuff too, but I haven't gotten to that part yet. The concert footage is from Germany, and it's amazing just how sedate and calm German fans are. No mosh pit, just a little head bobbing, and occasionally dancing and putting their arms in the air. I don't even think I saw anybody throw up the horns, and that's just unheard of! We throw up the horns at Brat Pack!

Rogue is a strange strange man, too. He really shouldn't open his mouth, because it elongates his already long and strange face, and makes him look really weird. He also seems to enjoy climbing on the stage pieces, and doing things that one shouldn't really do in Germany (I don't care how many fingers he was holding up, raising your right arm at that angle and saying "Hallo Deutschland" just seems like a poor choice...).

At any rate, it was a fun DVD to watch, and I am sure I will obtain hours of amusement from it. And I still have special features to watch.

I also found the easter egg on the DVD... poke around with the arrows on the main menu, and you'll find it. It's a Dreamside video that Rogue is in... pretty sweet! :)

The DVD also came with a CD, with what I believed to be 3 new songs. "Foreverlast" and "... only sleep" were both actually new. "Helen," however, is not. It's "Nothing Left But Me" with a different title. *sigh*... yet again, we get back to that "why do bands keep putting out remix CDs with like 1 new song. Ooh, I got two this time... but still...


In other music news, Kent is a smart man. He told me that Sigur Ros sounded like Radiohead, except you couldn't understand the lyrics. When Sigur Ros came up on my playlist the other day, I wondered what Radiohead song this was, and how it got on my computer, seeing as I've only got Radiohead songs that I know. Then I realized the guy was singing in Icelandic, and it all made sense. Go Kent! :)

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