Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well this week, we had arts and crafts camp at Megan's... really, it was just Cindy and Megan and I, with Jen and Starr showing up in time for Cindy and I to leave, but it was fun nonetheless. I worked on masks, Cindy made jewelry, and Megan worked on tassels and pins. We think we're going to try to do this more often, maybe, though I don't really know when I will have time to do so.

My schedule has just become busy for the next six weeks, as J and I are taking a ballroom dancing class for that timespan. It only meets once a week, but it filled up my last free night. Mondays, I have Middle Eastern dance, and watch wrestling. Tuesdays, I usually cook dinner for J and I, and we watch a movie or play Pimp or just hang out. Wednesdays, Bobert runs Requiem. Thursdays, we have the ballroom dancing class. I suppose the nice thing about this is that the LARP schedule for this semester looks very thin, which means the weekends will be open nights, but I'm sure something will fill those as well, just nothing on a regularly scheduled basis. :)

So yeah, the short version of that is that while the girlies and I want to be crafty, I don't have much time to do so... but I'm sure we'll figure something out. :)

I sent out some crocheted pressies to my two friends who just had babies, as well as Jeff, in Seattle. Other than that, I'm working on the baby blanket for Future Hagedorn Baby, and I think that's about it. I've finally finished with stuff for J & N's place, and it looks quite lovely. I was telling one of my student workers about all of the stuff I've made them, and she was astounded. I'm just more amazed that they let me make them all of this... :) But I'm glad that they appreciate it! :)

One of these days, I'll start working on a quilt that I started last year... or some time ago... it may have been longer... :)

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