Friday, September 09, 2005

Not a happy camper.

Well, that's not much of EotWWW, nor is it completely applicable now, but that pretty much sums up my absence and my past week, all in one phrase. :)

Last Thursday (the 1st) was the day that our offices started moving to the new building. That wasn't too bad of a day, honestly. I had to supervise the moving crew for a little while, telling them what to put into the truck, and where to put it when we got to the new offices. I can deal with that.

Friday was a bit more frustrating. I was planning to meet the moving crew at the new building first thing in the morning, to tell them where to put the 2nd load (loaded Thursday afternoon). Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, they didn't arrive till 10:15. I didn't even go to my old office until 11 a.m. Then I got to putz around a little, eat lunch, and then get another load directed and delivered.

Long weekend intervenes, full of goodness.

Tuesday rolls around, and my boss is back from his trip. The office is pretty much packed up, but they're not quite ready to move us to the new building just yet. Still just moving bits and pieces here and there. 1 p.m. rolls around, and BOOM! We're moving everything, RIGHT NOW! So we go into super panic mode, get the remainder of the office into boxes, and go.

Wednesday, they take the last load from our old offices, and bring it to the new building. We have boxes everywhere. We get phones and computers eventually, but no internet. We didn't even have power to our outlets at first. There is much chaos. I manage to get my office about 90% settled. That's about it.

Thursday was a bit more smooth. I finished off my office, and my co-workers mostly finished theirs as well. Becky and I got the student work area in some semblance of order. Still had some more of the public area books to unbox, and my boss's office.

Today, Jordan and I finished off the public area books. My office is totally settled, and my internet is back. Boss's office is still in boxes. I told him that he could put his books up, because he knows how he wants them. They're still in boxes. I suppose I'll work on that on Monday, if he hasn't done it by then.

For now, though, I'm tired of boxes and lifting and carrying and concrete floors. You don't realize how much shock on your joints tile absorbs till you move to the building with concrete floors. Between that and J and I going to our first ballroom dancing class last night, my feet are killing me!

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