Monday, September 12, 2005

Now that things are pretty much back to normal around the office, it's back to the usual posting schedule. :)

Unfortunately, I can't remember for sure what movies I watched since my last movie post. I can remember two for sure, but that's all. I know there were more, though...

"Freaked" - This was an incredibly random movie that Kent loaned to J and I, and I have no idea why Kent even bought it in the first place. Nonetheless, it was pretty amusing. Alec Winter and Keanu Reeves are in it, though the latter is uncredited.

"School of Rock" - Another one we borrowed from Kent, and I really liked it. Not sure why I hadn't already seen it, but hey, getting to borrow it and watch it for free was kewl. :)

On the agenda for this week is "Kids," which Jesi finally got out of storage. And I need to go on Amazon and see about buying the movies that she and I decided we wanted. We're gonna order them together to get the shipping discount... :)

In other news, it gets really cold in my new office in the afternoon (once the sun gets above the top of my window, and my boss is out today, and the theromostat is in his office. We don't have a master key yet, so I get to sit here and freeze. Figures, I wear my flip flops today... :( Ah well, I'm here till 2, then off to run errands.

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