Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Game game game... :)

So Friday, we ended up converting our characters for Old School by Night, which is a one-ish-shot game that Dennis will be running in November. Dani, who I'm bringing back just for this, is ohmygodraw. Due to the ease of learning out of clan disciplines in 2nd ed, she now has Astral Projection, Horrid Reality, Aegis, whatever the top level Animalism is, Possession, and Soul Mask. Soul Mask, for the love of god! That's just her advanced disciplines. She has others at lower levels. :)

Saturday was character creation for the new Cammie game, Riddles in the Dark, for which I am bookkeeping narrator. I'm not STing, I'm playing. But due to my lack of memory for what is on my OWN character sheet, the STs and players have agreed that I can both play and do bookkeeping. So rock on for that. :)

My character for that game is a Tremere named Viridian Walker, and thus far, I'm the only Tremere in the game. There's still some people who haven't made their characters yet, though, so I may not end up the only one. I'm working on her background, which I need to have done by Saturday (Friday, if I want to print it on a decent printer), and it's getting somewhere. It's slow going today, so tonight I'm going to burn a copy of her soundtrack (which I already have done) and listen to that tomorrow while I work on it. Should help matters considerably. Maybe I'll post the track listing tomorrow... :)

Sunday was the new night for Requiem, which was a blast. Nathan's character helped his grand-Sire declare Praxis on the old Prince, and thus our coterie got positions in the new court. He's the Seneschal, Gangrel Priscus, and possibly Primogen. I'm just Primogen, which is a MUCH bigger deal in Requiem than in Masquerade. J's character is Harpy and Daeva Priscus, Jesi's is the Herald, and Jim's new character is the Mekhet Priscus. So w00t for us! I think I'm gonna buy up my Cruac next, cuz it's fun to call it Crack and use it on people... :)

This coming Friday is the Formal Elysium in the OWBN game, the first one that I haven't had to plan, more or less on my own. Megan is in charge of that, instead. I've done some masks for it, and I can't wait to see who gets the creepy eye mask that I slaved over. Some people want me to wear it, but it doesn't really go well with my new dress, which cost me $3, and is ohmygodhot. Thank you, J, for telling me there was a sale across the street from my apartment on Saturday! :)


Michael said...

If it makes you feel better, that's what I was planning on playing too. :)

Dawn said...

Damn you, Michael, why do you always play the same clan as me when my character hates her clan?

Or is the better question why does Dawn keep playing characters who hate her clan?