Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No real musical news to report this week, at least nothing particularly new.

Kent continues to recommend music to me, and so far, he's done quite well. It isn't always necessarily my sort of music, but none of is has been bad thus far. I'm going to return the favor by giving him some goth CDs... :)

I flipped through Michael's CD book yesterday, while chatting with him, and only found one CD in there with any songs that I wanted (that I didn't already have). Everyone seems to have lost (or never had) their copy of the first System of a Down CD, so I remain foiled in my attempts to acquire that... :(

I need to see if J has gotten anything new lately, other than the plethora of CDs I've made for him. Doubt he has, as usually I'm one of the first to hear about it when he does... :)

Work is exceptionally boring today, and my LaunchCast station isn't helping much... it's playing lots of stuff I've never heard before, which makes it difficult to chair dance while working... :(

And in other news, I am anxiously awaiting fall.


Kent said...

I thought moon glide is an excellent song. It's just...I dunno, groovy, maybe?

Thought you might like it.

Dawn said...

Yes, groovy is definitely a good word for it. I also got one that had Butterfly in the title... can't remember the other word, though. It, too, was nifty... :)