Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yeah, big time game weekend, with three games this past weekend.

Friday was the OWBN Formal Elysium, and it totally was gamer prom. Seriously. All the girls were dressed to the nines, and many of the guys followed suit. The dancing didn't much happen, due to technical difficulties with the music, and technical difficulties with the boys who were willing to dance. Glo didn't quite knock Mel over, but he came close. Leo Glacier is a far better dancer, but then I felt like I wasn't up to speed. Those were the only people I danced with, because Mel's date (Blake) and her dearest Nosferatu (Vermin) were off rolling someone. Go them! :)

Saturday night was Sabbat, but this was after Beer Fest, so I was quite drunk for the first hour or so, and then hungover after that. Ember got her first diablerie, which may be her only diablerie, so at least it was worthwhile. Got the first levels of Celerity and Presence, and only one neg trait (and it wasn't one I cared about, as I already play it anyhow)... :) I still need to make a case for allowing people on Death & the Soul more than one diablerie, but I've gotta work on that still... :)

And Sunday night was Requiem, which was a good time. Scary killed a couple of people in combat, because now she has a rifle, and it's far easier to do damage when you have three more dice... :) Then she and Roi watched two members of the coterie get a couple of diableries apiece. I do need to find out what the Circle of the Crone thinks of diablerie... my guess is they're opposed, but we'll have to check... :)

Really looking forward to the new Cammie game starting up on Saturday... w00t! :)

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