Thursday, September 29, 2005

Took a somewhat random day off work yesterday, because I needed a "me" day. That ended up working out pretty well, in that it allowed me to finish off one of my crochet projects (a surprise pressie for someone who may or may not read this, so we won't say what just yet). So that's kewl.

I picked up more cotton yarn, as I have a request to make cozies for regular sized beers. There will be a penguin, a duck, and a koala bear. This should be interesting... but we'll give it a shot... :) This is mainly because when people are at my apartment, they move around, and forget which beer is theirs. So if their beers are all dressed up like animals, it'll be easier. :)

Cindy and I talked about craft fairs last night, and there were three we wanted to do this fall, but after looking into it, we're probably down to two already... unfortunately, I left my folder of craft fair stuff at home, and thus can't find out about one of the remaining two until I get home today... *sigh*... the one that we're definitely (or almost definitely) not going to be able to do appears to be exceptionally high end, so yeah... it's okay that we're not doing that one... :)

The sun is reaching my monitor... dammit... time to find something else to do for a bit...

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