Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thought I'd post another pic here, because I think I mentioned the lovely process of getting the angel wings put on my back in here.

First off, no, they aren't real. Yes, they look surprisingly real. There are a great many people to thank for that:
- Amber, for telling me about the fake tattoo "ink" (for lack of a better word), and where to buy it.
- Mawk, my friend Assie's boyfriend, for having put the REAL tattoo on Assie's back, and then taking a good pic of it.
- Doc, for sitting down with the pic, contact paper, and an exacto knife, and making the stencil for the wings.
- Doc and Jesi both, for sticking the contact paper to my back, painting the "ink" all over it, and then covering it with stickers. They also get mad props for suggesting ice cream midway through the waiting period, and watching "Underworld" with me.
- Cristyn, for standing in front of me and letting me hold her arm while Doc and Jesi ripped the contact paper off of my back. OUCH!

However, you see that little circle and arm popping up over the waist of the dress? Yeah, that one's real. That's the only picture I know of that has been taken of my actual tattoo, and it's only a partial picture... someday, maybe I'll get a real pic of it... :)

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