Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blah... I'm skipping the game update this week because I don't really feel like updating about game. I'm half confused, half annoyed about stuff that's going on in the OWBN game... half confused, because I don't know all the details... half annoyed, because the details I do know seem really illegitimate... at any rate, I'd like more information before I say anything one way or another. So we'll drop it there.

I'm not commenting on the other games, because more likely than not, my annoyance with the OWBN game will just reflect on them as well... so yeah...

The one good thing I can note is that I got the pics from the Elysium from Thor, and they turned out very well. I think it's about that time, to change the picture to the left... baby coffin Dawn has been up for almost a year now... :)

So in non-gaming related news, it's cold as hell in my office, and that's annoying. It doesn't help matters much that I'm wearing a relatively thin dress, that, while ankle length, has slits on both sides of the skirt. And I'm wearing sandals. I think had I worn this with tights and boots, I'd be much better off... ah well, you live and learn...

I think I'll go outside after lunch to thaw out... :)

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